Thursday, August 31, 2006


what can i say i dont have much to "blog" about. im just in the depths of creating this thing and im finding it kinda hard to do the dear diary thing every day. what does one blog about if hes not either criticising someone elses art or making fun of a celebrity? i dont believe in publically shitting on other artists stuff, especially if you yourself fancy yourself an artist. to me thats like being a cop whos locked up. if you are gonna do it put it to music, or give up music and write full time. that being said, heres another boring photo of one of my sessions that has nothing to do with anything i just said. but its my life right now and its really not supposed to mean anything to you other than being proof that i am really really really trying hard to make a sick album. i cant wait to get out there again and rock for yall.

love, el

ps: the songs not actually called ball of confusion. thats just the name of the temptations song ive been listening to non stop for the last week. if you dont have it yet, pick up psychadelic soul (lp). no ones fuckin with the temptations.