Wednesday, August 16, 2006

a brief list of some of the people who appear in some form on my record (so far):

in no order and in varying degrees of performance:

Tunde Adebimpe
tame 1
mr lif
aesop rock
trent reznor
the mars volta
matt sweeny
james mcnew
rob sonic

im not a big fan of records that have a bunch of (featuring so and so) after every song title. my collaborations for the most part come from friendships i have with people who happen to be in the vicinity while im making my shit. little splashes of other peoples voices, talents, energy used in subtle ways is the way i usually like to freak it. rob does some back ups, sweeny plays some guitar, aes drops a verse, james plays some bass... whatever works at the time. its the southpark theory: when george clooney appeared on southpark it was as a gay dog. thats the type of shit that makes my day.

that being said, im off to mix flyentology (featuring trent reznor)