Sunday, August 20, 2006

THE TOWER CARD (from tarot)

synchronicities abound. this shit fucked me up when i saw it. look familiar? heres a description:

Rigid or imprisioning structures need to be torn down and replaced with the new.

General Description
The Tower shows that we have walled ourselves into an area of supposed security that suddenly starts to waver. This is very much a matter of structures and dimensions that have become too small and narrow for us. Convictions and basic principles of life could be affected by this, as well as our thoughts of security in the professional and financial sense. Last but not least, our personal friendships and other partnerships could also be influenced. In every case, the Tower stands for a concept that used to give us a reassuring measure of security, perhaps even a feeling of safety. But now we have grown out of it. These old concepts are usually toppled by surprising experiences, sometimes even true flashes of genius. Since this is a matter of the supposed basis of our security, these sudden changes are often first experienced as catastrophes. It is only when the first shock has been overcome that we sense with relief that we have been freed from old burdens. This breakthrough can be triggered through our own perceptions as well as external events. The I Ching says in this regard: "The storm with its thunder and lightning overcomes the disturbing tension in nature."