Sunday, September 24, 2006


one of my goals is to get away from the hour and twenty minute record. i feel like there is so much to do within the structure of a song, how each song relates to each other and how a whole album should play out that i've taken the approach of doing less songs. each song has a meaning and a purpose i hope. no filler. fuck it. there have been about 18 songs made. about 12 will make the cut. i never had a lot of disposable shit, but until this point in my life i also wasted whole songs repeating the same ideas over and over. on fan dam i did the more is more thing, and i love that record. but this one is tighter. more direct. also, i plan on releasing another album in 2008. fuck all this 4 year in between records shit.

working on poisenville kids no wins. its the last song on the record and its the most important to me. i wont ruin the suprise but there is a guest at the end that im very excited will be gracing the album. shes one of my favorite artists and we've been kicking around the idea of colluding for a while. but dont worry, my album isnt gonna be some sort of weird compilation of guest appearences. everyone who contributes does so in a well placed way.

i have 3 weeks to finish, and i have 10 songs that are definite for the record. i need about 3 more. why? cause thirteen always gets a bad rap. im gonna change that.

in the meantime, the stashe is honestly out of control. i want so badly to take a straight razor to it. but i have resigned myself to look like a child molester, and so it will be until im done. but dont think i like it.