Tuesday, September 05, 2006

one of the breed of bonkers, i wouldnt dare to lecture,
i dont know how to lead there's got to be somebody better,
weak in the kneesy species, dreaming of future fading,
seen where the suture stiches nitted slipped? im with you baby,
lets get obnoxious with it, i wanna know what brave is,
im tired of sitting here pretending im not fuckin dangerous

you know, im a big fan of a lot of music of various styles. but lets be real about something: no one seems to be saying anything on a pop or mainstream level that in any way reflects the truth of whats goin on right now, and its a trend in music journalism right now to collectively roll eyes at anyone who does take what is going on so seriously that they actually do let it influence the music they make. especially rappers. rappers are supposed to make fun music apparently, or music that is bathed in the destruction of materialism, ignorance, or both... and thats also fun now. its just true.

i think there is a time and place for everything. right now is the time for anyone with a public voice to start being as honest as possible about who they are and what matters to them. whatever that is. im not talking about getting on a soapbox or spewing some marginal political "knowledge". im talking about not lying, not presenting a false and simplified image of who they are and not bowing down to the pressures of an industry that seems to have decided (incorrectly) whos real, whats real and what pittance of artistic expression has been allotted the hip hop community.

cause this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33ORYWOu0xg is headed to a city near you, you fuckin assholes. get in sync.

now i wouldnt dare say what im saying in my music is better or more right than anyone elses shit. im just a brooklynite tryna craft some marvelous shit.

im not making a political album per se, but i am making an honest one. and im honestly terrified right now. but in a fun way.