Monday, August 21, 2006


one of the reasons that it takes me so long to make records (apart from the fact that i lead a double life as a record label owner and producer) is that my process is demented to say the least. most of the songs you've ever heard from me are 6, 7 or 8 times removed from what the original attempt sounded like. i build entire songs musically that end up getting scrapped, with only a few elements remaining that get thrown on the final. for instance, flyentology is the song im mixing now. its the bastard hybrid of no less than 5 completely different and finished versions of the jam. its a fucked up way to work but it serves a few purposes: the first is spontenaity. most of the time a piece of music, a sample, a drum break serves only as the medium to get me off my ass and writing. but ultimately its not meant to exist in that form. the second is perfectionism. once the writing and performance is done i've got the pleasure of sitting naked, drunk and crying in front of my equipment for weeks, months and on occasion years trying to tune the shit into something that feels perfect to me (at least for the time). the only way to stop is to force myself. being in a group was cool cause i could turn to someone and say "is it done?". thats why i produce for other people. its easier. other people arent as much of an asshole as i am.

the tat is by grimey. hes a master of his craft.