Tuesday, August 22, 2006

emails get sent, messages conveyed, etc. every once in a while i get one from a fan that makes me glad i do what i do still. heres one:

im a camera man for a local newstation in el paso texas
and i work the night side on weekends. I start my shift
@ 1:00am. I see alot of shit, roll overs, head-ons, drownings, shootings, stabbings all that in the wee hour shit and all the while im listening to collecting the kid. this is my theme music. if you could only imagine sitting in the news vehicle, in the rain, with a dead body
in front of you because he wanted to end his life and threw himself in front of a car going at 70 miles an hour
all while listeninig to oxycotin. its amazing el-p. it all puts me in a state well lets just say off kilter.