Friday, September 08, 2006


back in the day i used to smoke dro every day all day. then i started having fits of paranoia. me and my boy john named this "the paincave". soon that started to represent any uncomfortable moment, depression or fear. the phrase started spreading like wild fire. everyone we told it to would latch on to it as though it were some godly mathematical code. an example of the finest use of the english language. 2 words that really seemed to express the intangible perfectly. over the years i cooled out on smoking trees cause for me the mounting reality of being an adult and the nostalgic indulgence of watering down my ability to handle life were clashing. weirdly enough at 30 years old i've taken to indulging a little here and there once again. this only works if im locked away in my own insular world doing music with little to no distractions what so ever. although every once in a while i think im having a heart attack.

the saddest shit in the world to me though are grown ass men who still think its a great idea to smoke 8 blunts before getting on stage. no one wants to pay to see someone roll the dice on your career. wait till after the show.

i also would like to point out that dibbs has vowed revenge for my gay yoga comment, as well as the fact that while dibbs may not be gay, that yoga isnt inherently gay and that being gay is not something i care about or think is wrong, that is the cover of the yoga dvd he uses. it puts me in the paincave.