Saturday, September 09, 2006


man i can understand newports to a degree, but kools? i used to smoke newpies. in nyc thats all they sell at the bodegas if you wanna buy one at a time. we call those loosies. in the 80s it was standard. 10 cents for a loosie newpie. some shit you do when you're broke, which for me was the majority of the time. its also the brand of choice for dust enthusiasts. take the newpie loosie and soak it in wet. thats called a dip. they cracked down on it in the past 5 years. now if a bodega sells a loosie they can get into serious trouble. but some still do that shit.

heres my point though: dibbs smokes like 6 kools before doing yoga. the extra long ones. for those of you that dont know dibbs, hes a hardboiled motherfucker. and he smokes a quarter pack of cools then does yoga on a hard wood floor before you even roll out of bed. respect due.